Application Guidelines


Applications for the 2014-15 academic year will open on Monday, August 25, 2014 and close on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 5:00pm. If you plan to apply for a Parents Committee grant, please carefully review the requirements below and prepare all necessary information before beginning your application. Download the grant_application_budget_template here to prepare your budget summary. (Budgets that do not follow the provided template will not be considered.)

General Requirements

  1. Any University of Virginia student, organization, or department that provides services, programs or projects to U.Va. undergraduate students is eligible to apply for a Parents Committee Grant.

  2. Parents Committee Grant Applications must be submitted through our online form. Applications submitted through any other avenue will not be considered.

  3. Each student, organization, or department must submit a complete application and a budget summary, created using the template provided. (Do not type “same” in any of the application fields; each field must be filled out accurately.)

  4. Reimbursements will only be made for items and purposes stated in your original budget summary. No substitutions or modifications will be reimbursed without prior written consent from the Committee, before June 30, 2015.

  5. All disbursements of awarded monies must be made before JUNE 30, 2015.

Organizational Summary

  1. Use this section of the application to summarize your organization's or department’s purpose, activities, and achievements.

Project Summary

  1. In this section of the application, provide a detailed description of your proposed project, including the name of the program or project, clearly stated goals and objectives, its target audience, and the number of students you expect to be impacted.
  2. Describe the need for the proposed project or program, including the potential impact of the program (if applicable).
  3. Offer an evaluation plan to measure your project's effectiveness in meeting your goals and objectives.
  4. If an individual, organization, or department is submitting more than one proposal, please prioritize your proposals. Indicate the priority of each proposal in this section of the application.

Budget Summary  

  1. Please provide complete proposed budget for the project, including sources of any other funding you have received. Use the Grant Application Budget Template to create your budget summary.
  2. Request a specific dollar amount; estimates (“ball-park figures”) are not acceptable.
  3. Requests should be itemized, indicating the cost elements that make up your total request.

Reporting and Acknowledgment

  1. Should your project receive a grant, please be sure to acknowledge the Parents Committee's support wherever possible, such as in an announcement at the event; in a note on a newsletter; or by including our logo on any brochures, flyers, or Web pages you may publish. You can download our logo here. Failure to adequately recognize the Committee’s support could jeopardize your group's future Parents Committee grant requests.
  2. In addition, grant recipients are expected to submit a written report (with pictures where applicable) to the Parents Committee within 2 weeks of your project's completion. In your report, please include a description of how the Committee was recognized for its support of your project.  Failure to submit a report could jeopardize your group's future Parents Committee grant requests.

Please feel free to email us with any questions at uvaparentscommittee [at] virginia [dot] edu.